Designing Business Cards:
Make Them Speak For You

Designing business cards can be a fun and exciting task if you are just starting a new business. But just be sure to devote the time to creating a well-made business card.

Why? Because a business card is one of the most important tools you will need as a business owner. Consider what the purpose of the business card is.

The business card is like a mini billboard, that a potential customer or client of yours can keep handy, with important contact information.

Your business card can work/speak for you long after you have exchanged cards.

If your card is well designed, a customer is more likely to remember you and hold on to your business card. Also, they would more likely pass it on to someone else.

If designed correctly your card can leave a positive lasting impression.

If designed incorrectly, it can turn customers away.

Check out these tips on how to design your business cards.

Extra Info About Designing Business Cards

Back in March 2010, I had the privilege of participating in a business card exchange with some 70+ other graphic designers. To see the cards and what I thought about them visit the page where I show examples of business cards that were exchanged.

In the same way you have to display manners at the dinner table, there is also proper business card etiquette that you should follow. On that page, I will provide advice on how to properly market and exchange your business card.

Man holding business card

In conclusion, take a look at your card. Will your customers see your business card as a cheap, thrown together piece of cardboard or an appealing well put together business card? Which ever way your card is presented reflects directly on the quality of the company.

Once you have created your business card, consider using an online printer because they are one of the best ways to get professional, four color printing, high quality, low prices and fast turnaround.

"Remember, when designing your business card the better your card looks the more credible you are as a business."

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