Creating Business Cards:
The Value of A Specialist

Anyone can try creating business cards but not everyone can design them well. As a Business Card Specialist, I know how to design them well. Have you ever heard of a Business Card Specialist?

A Business Card Specialist or Expert is someone who can design business cards that will be effective, eye-catching, and memorable.

Specialists are valuable to small businesses and small business marketing because they have an acquired skill to know what designs, colors, trends, and techniques work for specific businesses and their style. In turn, this helps small businesses to stand out from their competitors and big businesses.

A specialist will design a business card that:

  • Expresses you and your business' style, personality, and identity.
  • Says everything a customer would need to know about your business and how to find out more about you.
  • Is eye-catching, intriguing, and memorable. When you are not there the card will speak for you.
  • Makes you stand out from your competitors and motivates customers to seek you out.

As a Business Card Specialist myself, I can help when it comes to creating business cards that stand out. You can contact me via my contact form for the request of my services or for design tips.

The Business Card Doctor

Is your card sick or in need of a check-up? I offer evaluations of business cards which includes an explanation of what is wrong with your card, what is right with your card, and what can be fixed. In this evaluation I look at the:

  • Design and layout
  • Readability
  • Color scheme and usage
  • Hidden connotations and messages
  • Overall attractiveness

If you would be interested in having your business card evaluated or redesigned contact me.

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