Use Proper Business Card Etiquette to Leave a Great Impression

It's just as important to know proper business card etiquette as it is to have an attractive card. This page is written to inform you of proper etiquette when giving your business cards away.

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Following proper business card etiquette is an important part of you marketing yourself and your small business, so you need to hand them out correctly.

Whether you are meeting someone one-on-one or going to a big networking event, these tips will help you leave a positive impression.

Proper etiquette doesn't mean that you have to be stiff and uptight. Rather, it is the right way to come off as a respectable and trustworthy business person.

Leave a positive impression with these following tips.

  • Always carry plenty of cards. You never want to be caught without them, otherwise you will look unprepared.

  • Never give dirty, worn, or dog-eared business cards. Your business card reflects you and who you are as a person and/or business.

    Would wear a wrinkled dress or suit to a business meeting? Probably not. Well, then your card shouldn't look that way either.

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  • Don't give out more than two or three business cards per person. It can seem pushy or make the person feel obligated to hand them out because you gave them so many extra cards.
  • Take the time to make a personal connection before or while placing your card to leave a positive impression. Try leaving a few warm words, or making good eye contact to make a personal connection.

  • Don't force your card on everyone you meet. Be selective so that you are putting your card to good use.

  • Keep your business cards up-to-date and don't write on it. Although it's a rule that's broken a lot, it's not proper etiquette to write on your business card. If the information is wrong or outdated on your cards, reprint some new ones.

  • When someone hands you their card in exchange, don't simply stash it in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. Take a second to look at their card to show that you are interested in them. If they have a really nice business card,  compliment them on it.

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