Creating Flyers That Work

Flyers are designed to quickly sell a service or product to the reader. They're popular marketing tools because they can be widely distributed and on top of that... cost effective. Some business owners have found that creating flyers for advertising purposes, has boosted their businesses.

How can you utilize the flyer as a powerful marketing tool?

On this page, I'll teach you how to create a flyer that:

  1. Makes the viewer pay attention. 
  2. Incentivizes the person to keep it, and
  3. Motivates the person to act on what is read.

Learn How To Design A Flyer – The Right Way

 Make Your Viewer Pay Attention

You must make people take notice of your flyer in order for them to ultimately read your message.

The two main ways to do this is through: 1) your design and 2) your main headline. These are your two biggest visuals on the page. So put your best efforts into a good design and a good message.

The best way to get a great looking flyer is by having it either professionally designed or buying a professional flyer template. 

Whether you attempt to design your own flyer, use a template or a professional, these are some other articles I've written to help you create a flyer that will not fall into the pit of ineffectiveness.

Your message is just as important as the look. So take time to write a message that's clear, simple, and targets a specific market. 

 Make Your Flyer "Keepable"

Now, that they're hooked by your design and intrigued by your headline, you need to have a message that gives them reason to keep the flyer.

One thing that makes a person keep a flyer is an incentive or offer. For example, you could add a special offer, coupon/coupon code, or discount that's only redeemable through redemption of that flyer or code on the flyer. This means the person has to keep the flyer, if they are interested in taking up your offer at a later time.

 Motivate Them To Act

On any marketing material you produce - including flyers, brochures, websites - you must state a call to action. You must tell your viewer how to act on what they've read.

How do you want the person viewing your flyer to proceed? Here are some examples:

  • Call today for a free consultation
  • Stop by our location to speak with us today
  • Make an appointment online
  • Place an order online
  • Shop our online store
  • Fill out our quiz
  • Email me

Consider adding a time limit to your offer or call-to-action to motivate someone to take action now or sooner, rather than later. Because the more time that passes, the more likely the person will forget.

Want A Quick Way To Make a Flyer?

One way to make a quick flyer that looks professional is by purchasing a flyer template.

Some actually come with their own text and headline. But I encourage you to craft your own message to make it unique to your business. I'll provide some resources soon!

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