10+ Ways to Make A Flyer STAND Out

When you make a flyer for your business, isn't one of your first goals to make it stand out? Definitely!

You want your flyer to stand out so that the receiver will read it, keep it, and hopefully act on what's read. So what you have to figure out is...

HOW do I make a flyer that's a "keeper" — something the receiver will want to hold on to? Or, if it's a posted flyer, how do I make it noticeable?

People pay attention to things that are useful, informative, interesting, cool, or just plain funny. Too, when it comes to small businesses, more professional looking flyers are taken more seriously.

I'll give you several tips you can use make your business flyer interesting, cooler, or more professional. These tips include unique ideas to make the design on the flyer stand out, and/or the flyer itself.

Use these tips and tricks wisely to make a flyer that will stand out.

  1. Use colored paper. It's a way to save on cost and still attract attention to your message.
  2. Change the shape or sizing. Can you have your flyer die-cut into the shape of the product you sell?
  3. Use reverse lettering for the headline or some of the text. This is a professional design tip that can help your key words stand out on the flyer.
  4. Add a QR code. You've seen them in magazines, newspapers, and now even business cards. Why not get a QR code created for your flyer to send readers to your website for more information.
  5. Put your picture on it for a personal touch. Is your business the type that people want to have a personal connection with you such as a realtor, counselor, etc...? Knowing your face may make your client want to work with you.
  6. Add a coupon. Give your customers a coupon savings they can't resist or find through any other source.
  7. Offer a deal. Make the deal only valid when they present the flyer that way they have to keep the flyer until they redeem the offer.
  8. Use several vivid images relative to the concept of the flyer. Even an odd or funny picture that illustrates your message in a different way. Some people love to keep
  9. Use one large image for greater impact. For a posted flyer, a bold, large image can be viewed from far away and pull viewers to look at it closely.
  10. Create tear-off tabs. If this is a flyer you will be posting, tear-off tab flyers are a cheap way to let the viewer get your info without having to jot it down right there on their own sheet of paper.

    I have a simple, free template for tear-off tab flyers on my free flyer templates page.

  11. Make it stick. Did you know you can make sticky flyers to place on doors and cars? The receiver can remove it and re-stick it somewhere else for safe keeping.
  12. Print on glossy paper. Glossy stock paper accentuates the look of photos and presents a more professional look.
  13. Make it have a secondary use. (The Multi-purpose flyer) Take a tip from the company DealsGoRound on how to make a flyer. Since they were handing out theirs at an Air and Water Show, they created a flyer with instructions on how to make a paper airplane on the back.

    See pictures of their flyer on my Pinterest board here: Example 1 and Example 2.

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