15 Cool Facebook Fan Page Covers for Inspiration

With all the regulations and rules of what you can put on a Timeline cover for Fan Pages, I know some of you are probably feeling like you are stuck in a box.

But really, there are a lot of cool Fan Page cover designs you can come up with, within the new Facebook Timeline Cover guidelines.

You can feature things like your product, your storefront, your coolest fan of the week, an image from one of your latest events,... the ideas can go on but I know visual examples are even better.

So, I gathered a few cover images from brand pages that I thought you would enjoy and really be inspired by. Take a look below!

Which do you like the best?

1. Dunkin Donuts

dunkin donuts

2. Keurig


3. Jergens US


4. Levi's


5. InStyle


6. Smirnoff US


7. Gillette


8. Kiss Nails


9. Secret


10. Old Spice

old spice

11. Panera Bread

12. ESPN

13. Sunkist Soda

14. Google

15. Yahoo

Do you have a spectacular Fan Page cover photo you would like to share?

Take a screen shot of it and share it with me! Post it on my Facebook page or send me a link to your Business Fan Page.

You may even get featured in one of my next posts showing off more cool Facebook fan page covers. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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