The New Rules of Facebook Timeline Covers

About to create your own Facebook Timeline covers? Then this page is VERY important for you to read.

Many business owners are loving the large new piece of free real estate that's above their new Facebook Timeline. But, what they don't realize is that it's now more regulated than before.

Some business fan pages are breaking the new guidelines posted on Facebook's Page Guidelines and don't even know it. So I am using this as an opportunity to inform you of the new guidelines and ensure that your fan page does not get red flagged.

In previous designs, Facebook allowed business pages to customize their banner and profile picture and put anything they wanted in it as long as it was appropriate. So because of that, many businesses took advantage of this opportunity to promote sales, their website, contact info, other social media links, etc...

Remember when our Facebook business pages' profile pictures used to look like this:

But now, you are NOT allowed to do any of that.

Here's a summary of Facebook's new regulations on Timeline Covers. Covers may not include:

  • Information about prices or purchase info, such as "50% OFF" or "Download it on"
  • Contact information like your phone number, email, business address, website URL, or any other information that should go in the Page's About section
  • Any references to Facebook actions or features; for instance "Like Us" or "Share This"; nor any arrows pointing from the cover image to any of those features;
  • No calls to action are allowed (ex: Buy Now, Tell your friends, Call now)

So now what? What can you feature on the cover image?

The popular route is to use one stunning picture that relates to your business. It could be your products, specialty items, storefront, employees, etc...

One of the hot new trends is to create a seamless design —where the profile picture's background blends flawlessly into the cover image (like in the first example seen below). Try that out for an even more stunning cover image!

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