How I Used Targeted Facebook Ads to Gain More Followers

In October of 2012, I decided to do an experiment with Facebook Ads to see if I could attract some new followers, and gain more exposure on Facebook.

**Note: If you would like to read the full background of how I got to this point, read “Why I Changed My Mind About Facebook Advertising.

Yet I also felt I needed to do this experiment because if I am going to help other small businesses pump up their small business marketing on Facebook, I need to have at least tried it myself.

Here's the screenshot I took of my Facebook Business Page at the beginning of my October ad campaign on October 3rd, the first day I started the campaign. I had 96 Likes at this point.

Here Are Some Quick Stats From This Campaign

  • Spent $50 over a span of 30 days
  • Tested 11 different Facebook Ads
  • Gained a total of 51 new "Likes"
  • Received 143,083 Impressions, 92 Clicks, and 117 Actions

Now here's the screenshot I took of my page after I finished my campaign.

I learned a lot from doing this campaign, especially within the first week. At first, my ads were not performing that well so I had to create different ads and change the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) to see if that would make a difference.

After a few tweaks the ad views increased, I was reaching a good market and I started seeing better click-through rates and activity from my ad campaign.

What Advice Can I Pass Along From My Experience

Remember that Facebook users span all across the country and world. If you are a small business with a customer base right in the local area, remember that when you create your own Facebook ads do not pass up the feature where you can geographically target users. You will save yourself money and be more effective when you geographically target your ads.

It really helped me to target this area of Virginia as apposed to nationwide because I wanted more potential customers/Likes from the local businesses.

A second piece of advice: I recommend that you make more than one ad per campaign because some images and/or messages do better than others and you won't know that most times until you actually test it. So keep a close eye while running your ads so that you can prepare to make any adjustments if and when necessary.

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How I Used Targeted Facebook Ads to Gain More Followers

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