Small Business Online Marketing:
Use Groupon To Get More Customers & Sales

Here I'll explain what Groupon is and why it is great for small business online marketing and local small business marketing.

If you don't know, is a group buying site that offers Deals of the Day to its users via email. Anyone can be a user and it is free to sign-up.

Users are encouraged to refer their friends to the site to sign-up because the whole point of the site is like the sayings "the more the merrier" or "there's power in numbers."

Deals that are offered through the site have to have a certain number of users or a "group" so-to-speak to take advantage of it for the deal to be valid.

For the small businesses that decide to use Groupon's services, they don't pay Groupon unless they make a sell.

So, why are many businesses using this service?

Well, it is a new way to get new customers that are local. Local small business marketing is important because for the most part your repeat customers are usually locals.

The special thing about Groupon is that it caters to local markets across the web. For instance, if you lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia, you would only receive coupons and deals from within your area and not deals from distant areas like Dallas, Texas.

Groupon is one of few great e-marketing strategies used on the web today that attracts buyers. Groupon works for both the buyer and seller and this is why the company succeeds. The buyer gets a discount and the seller earns the money from the sell but possibly another lifelong customer who may also recommend the business's products and services to their friends.

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