Small Business E-Marketing Strategies:
Should You Use Groupon?

What are your e-marketing strategies? Are they effective? Have you ever considered using Groupon?

If you're not familiar with small business online marketing with Groupon and don't know much about it don't let that hold you back.

No matter whether you have been considering Groupon for a while or this is your first time hearing about it, this article is for you because it will help you make the right decision as to whether it is right for you and your small business marketing needs.

So, without further wait, here are some reasons why you should choose to use Groupon for your e-marketing strategies.

You Should Use Groupon If...

You have or want to attract a young target audience. According to the latest reports posted by Groupon, most of the users on Groupon are young (68% are between 18-34 years old).

You want to create buzz about your business. If you need to drum up some new business, Groupon is a great way to attract attention to your business. When you offer a deal, your business is spread like wildfire. Every user in your area receives an email. Also users are encouraged to tell their friends about deals they purchase.

You have an excess of inventory, stock, product, etc. Consider marketing some of your overstocked items on Groupon. Though you may make a lower profit, but it is better than selling nothing at all, isn't it? Moving out that extra product allows you to possibly clear space for newer ones.

E-Marketing Strategies: The Greatest Benefits of Using Groupon

You can gain extra sales and repeat sales.
Even though you may do a two for one deal or a fifty percent off deal, you may think you are losing money but really in the long run you're earning more sales and possibly repeat sales. Think about this.

When I get a coupon for a free sandwich at Chick-fil-A, there is no doubt that when I get there I am also going to buy a drink and fries (and an ice cream cone, when I'm super hungry) at regular price. So in reality I may be getting the sandwich for free I am still spending money once I get there.

Also you gain repeat sales when satisfied customers refer their friends.

Generates a lump sum of sales fast. The key to that phrase is fast. Your deal usually lasts for a day so users of the site have to make a quick decision. And, if you have an product or service that many people are interested in like food or manicures, you are likely to make a lot of sales fast.

So why not look into using Groupon as one of your small business' e-marketing strategies? It's worth a try!

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