Create A Modern Plumbing Logo Design

Give your plumbing company a fresh start with a modern plumbing logo design!

Whether you are designing the logo yourself or planning to use a designer, these pro tips help you jump start the design process.

Let's talk about:

  • popular color schemes for the plumbing industry
  • common plumbing logo styles, and 
  • where to find a cheap and good logo designer

Examples Of Modern Plumbing Logo Design Color Schemes

The first word that is associated with plumbing is water. So the majority of plumbing companies use some shade of blue in their logo and branding as their primary color.

For your secondary color, you can choose any color that coordinates with blue. Most companies will choose to use either another shade of blue, or a complimentary color like orange or red.

When choosing a color scheme think about the connotation you want to give about your business. Feel free to check out my other pages about color theory and color connotations and their meanings if you want to take a deeper dive into color.

Need some color scheme inspiration? Here are some swatches to inspire your next modern plumbing logo design.

Color Scheme #1 - Cool Blues With A Pop Of Color If you want a mostly blue color scheme with a fun pop of color that adds energy, I'd recommend adding a splash of orange like the color scheme above.
Color Scheme #2 - Classic & Traditional with a Modern twist Here's a modern take on the classic red, white, and blue color scheme. But the colors are more richer to make this traditional color scheme look more modern.
Color Scheme #3 - Monochromatic Blues If you want more of a simplistic and calm color scheme with no other shades, this monochromatic color scheme is for you.
Color Scheme #4 - Hint of Blue If you are not a fan of blue this color schemes focuses on neutrals with just a pop of blue as an accent color.

Logo Style, Fonts & Imagery

The Logo Style

There are a few combinations of logo styles you can choose from. You can have 1) an icon with text, 2) text only, or 3) mascot with text.

Modern designs typically are text only, or an icon with a text. That's because modern logos are simple and clean. They typically don't have a lot of shadows, gradients, outlines, etc. Just small clean design elements.

Font Choices

There's no hard fast rule as to the font you should or shouldn't use. But the most popular font style to use right now is a display font or sans serif font. That's a type of font that doesn't have the curved ends or tails on them. Sans serif fonts are very straight, simple and bold.

Here are a few font choices from Google Fonts to get an idea of what fonts are fitting for a plumbing logo:

  • Bebas Neue (Display)
  • Oswald (Sans Serif)
  • Anton (Sans Serif)
  • Alfa Slab One (Display)
  • Ultra (Serif)

If you are designing your own logo make sure you are using a font that is free for commercial use, like the ones listed above.

The Images

Typically, plumbing logos include an image of something related to the field whether it's water or the tools involved in plumbing services.

Here's a list of images typically seen in a plumbing logo...

  • water drops, water waves 
  • faucets, spickets, hoses
  • pipes
  • tools like a wrench or plunger
  • homes for residential or buildings for commercial plumbing

Be creative. Brainstorm other items that are closely related to your field. Don't feel limited by the list of images above. 

If you want something a little less literal, then try making a logo using the initials of your business, similar to a monogram.

Finding A Plumbing Logo Designer

Start by deciding whether you are comfortable looking for designer that's online or local. To search your search - whether local or online - try using search terms like "plumbing logo designer" or "professional logo design company". A host of designers should come up using "professional logo design company".

Don't worry if you can't find someone that specializes in plumbing business logos. It's rare to find a logo designer who solely creates designs for plumbers.

So when you are looking for a logo designer pay attention to their portfolio to get a feel for their quality of work. Most skilled logo designers are flexible enough to create logos for a variety of businesses. 

And always remember to check out their reviews.

If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive way to get a logo, is the best place. There you'll find lots of designers who can create a modern plumbing logo design for you. Check out the list of designers I've researched below.

Highly Rated Plumbing Logo Designers on Fiverr

To help you in your search I've researched a few logo designers that have good reviews and a nice portfolio of work. Be sure to also read my checklist on how to select a great designer on Fiverr.

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