How To Make A Website For Free

There are two main ways you can make a website for free on your own.

You can either:

  • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding and build your website from scratch, or
  • Use an online company that offers free business websites along with a free website maker.

Because the first option can be super time consuming as well as daunting, many business owners choose the later option — a free website builder. So that's what I will help you with in this section.

TIP: Before I get into how to do so, you should read my post about why free business websites aren't for everyone.

This is because not all small businesses will benefit from a free website versus a professional website.

So before you begin, definitely read that post to see if this is the right direction for you and your business.

I've tested and reviewed several free online website builders. Here are the three that top my list:

Here are a few articles about making a website through free builders:

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