Should You Design Your Own Website?

What do you think? Should you design your own website? If you haven't decided yet, let me help you weigh out this important decision.

Now, although I am a web designer writing this article, you may think that I'll have a bias opinion on the matter — but that's not the case!

I truly feel that because every business has different circumstances, in some cases it's better to do–it–yourself and other times it's best to hire a professional. All I will do is inform you about the three big factors that will help you make that decision on your own.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Do you have the TIME?
    • As a business owner you usually "wear many hats" or handle a lot of responsibilities. Consider whether you have the time right now to successfully take on learning a new skill, creating a design, and managing the site once it's done.

      If you have a fast growing business, you may see that you have to dedicate more time to managing your customers more than a website. On the other hand, you may want to do a website yourself if you have a lot of time on your hands while the business is in it's slow season or just getting started.

  2. How do you envision your finished website?
    • Every business wants to look professional and trustworthy, so think about whether you will have the capability to design that dream website you want. Too, how well will your website look if you design it yourself? Will your site look like an amateur did it or a professional?

      If you envision a simple website without much design and features then you probably can design your own website. Yet if you want a dynamic website with things like a cool photo gallery, standout header, social media plug–ins, etc... you might need to hire someone to do it.

      There are modules that boast nice websites in the examples yet be aware that some require a little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript to make more dynamic sites like the ones you see.

  3. What's your budget?
    • How much money can you invest in your website at the moment? No matter what route you choose –Design your own website or hire a web designer– a website done right will cost money.

      If you're short on funds, you may want to do it yourself to save money. Yet, remember your time isn't free. Then on the other hand, even if you're tight on funds, an inexpensive web designer may be out there for you.

      **Did you know that you may be able to save up to 40%–50% off a custom website if you have a local web designer create it for you? Check and see if you reside in a city or county that offers a local e–commerce grant by searching terms like e–commerce grant, business website grant with the name of your city or county.

After you consider the questions above, make your choice based on YOUR circumstances and what will be best for your business.

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