8 Tips On How To Design
A Website That Is Effective

When it comes to learning how to design a website, there are no strict rules to stick to.

It's a creative field. So, be creative!

But, when learning website design basics there are some techniques and tips you should know about in order to create an effective website.

Below I have compiled a list on how to design a website that is effective, attracts readers, and keeps them coming back.

1) Use colors that are attractive and welcoming

Colors that appeal to your target market will make your pages interesting and inviting.

To make your pages easy to read, avoid using light colored fonts on light colored backgrounds. Contrast is your friend.

2) Create your website around the reader to satisfy their needs

You should talk about your business but also give them factual information they need and possibly more.

3) Write content that is concise and easy to read

Use short paragraphs and get straight to the point. If you have to elaborate on a point, break it up into smaller blocks of text instead of huge meaty paragraphs - this will make your web pages easier to scan.

Fact: Most readers like to get what they need fast and move on.

4) Minimize loading time

Don't keep your reader waiting for your site to load or they'll leave. By keeping graphics to a minimum and sizes not too big, your web pages should load quickly on most internet connections and mobile devices.

5) Write or talk on a personal level

Everyone likes to be talked to directly instead of being treated like a number. Write with your own style.

6) Make your website easy to navigate

Organize your pages into tiers. When your website is not unorganized, visitors can get lost, become frustrated and leave. 

7) Search Engine Optimize your pages

To get found on the internet, you make your website search engine friendly. You will never make it to the top of the search results unless you play by the search engines' rules.

8) Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Grammatical errors and typos will happen... even to the most cautious of writers.

Yes, even I have made a few mistakes in the past... gasp!

But it's super important to be as error free as possible. Why?

Because errors make you look unprofessional and unrefined. The more errors a reader sees, the more they lose faith in you and your credibility.

So, double check your spelling and grammar using a program like Microsoft Word. Then, have a trusted friend read and review your content before and after you publish a page.

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