Essentials of Website Design
What Small Business Owners Should Know

When it comes to website design, small business owners need to know about the basics and why having a website is important.

With technology moving forward and at a fast pace, some small business owners wonder if they need a web presence.

Well on this page I will cover why having a website is important for small businesses.

Also check out the top 6 reasons why a small business needs a website that are listed below.

Why Small Businesses Need A Website?

Fact and Point: These days, a website is a key part of the small business marketing plan. Because we live in a digital world, small businesses need to have a presence where the consumer is going and that place is on the internet. By learning website design small business owners can take their businesses to the next level.

It's more prominent than ever to see a person searching the internet on their computer and even more so on their phone. According to Internet World Stats, in 2009, about 74% of the United States population used the internet. Yes, technology is progressing so fast that it is competing with printed material.

Think about this. Let's say a consumer is trying to decide where he wants to go for dinner and he narrows his choices down to Restaurant A and B. To pick between the two, he compares the menus based on the selections and prices.

The only sources that he has for finding out this information is the phone book and the internet. After going through the phone book and seeing no menus for either, he decides to quickly search the web.

Restaurant A doesn't have a website but the consumer has been there before and remembers a few of the dishes. So what he does is compare Restaurant A's dishes to Restaurant B's via B's website. There he sees a menu with a few choices that he likes better than A and also reads good reviews from other diners in the area. So in the end he goes to Restaurant B.

By Restaurant A not having a website the consumer could only go by memory in this comparison. In reality, this happens quite often in one way or another.

Ask yourself, what if Restaurant A was your business? From the website of Restaurant B, the consumer was able to get a good first impression from the business before setting foot into the establishment. Also, they were able to get essential decision-making information along the way.

A website is like a business card on the web basically. So are you convinced you need a website for your business? If not the list below gives more convincing reasons why a small business needs a website.

Website Design Small Business Essentials Top 6 Reasons Why A Small Business Needs A Website


  1. Establish credibility, reliability, and professionalism.
  2. Are the first impressions prospective customers get of your business online.
  3. Can be accessed 24/7 and easily updated.
  4. Keep customers up to date with current information and business news.
  5. Help customers find you and brings those you would not otherwise reach.
  6. Can bring in another form of income if built right.

A Website Design Small Business Note: I will say though, that if your target market is in the Baby Boomer Generation and older then you would need a website less than a business that caters to a more computer savvy age (I'm not saying that you wouldn't need one at all, just less than others). Yet, consider that sometimes younger people help the older groups make decisions based on what they may find on the internet.

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