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Website Design Basic Concepts:
Determining the Type of Website You Need

Try to learn as much as you can about website design basic concepts before jumping into doing it yourself.

Website design basic concepts are discussed through out this website but I wrote this page specifically to help you figure out what type/size website you need.

You may think that website design is easy but there are a lot of things you have to consider before putting things on the screen.

Knowing what type of website you want will help you to go about finding the right type of hosting site, designer, and what programs or tools you need to use.

Common Types of Small Business Websites

Here are the most common types of websites that a small businesss can have.

Landing Pages
Typically, landing pages are just one page "sites" that have the basic in formation needed to let the customer know about the company and their products. I put the word "sites" in quotation marks because technically it is not a website but a single web page.

Mini Sites
Mini sites are also known as brochure sites. Plainly stated, brochure sites usually have the same information that you would have in a brochure. It consists of about two to five pages or more; it can vary. Normally it will have a homepage, about us page, contact us page, services page, and/or a location page. Most small businesses will consider this type of site to have a web presence over any other.

Usually, small businesses use blogs for keeping their customers updated with the latest news and deals of the company. One negative to having a blog is that it is not effective unless you are willing to add to it and post information daily. Though one positive thing is that a blog is cheaper to run.

Content Sites
A content site consists of information about the business and also provides useful information on the same topic. My site for example is a content site. I have pages that talk about my business but I include information on graphic design also. Content sites can have as much as a hundred pages or more or as few as fifteen to thirty pages.

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