Why You Should Own and Register Your Business Domain Name

You should treat your business domain name like an asset.

Don't let a web designer register your domain name for you. Simply don't do it.

It's easy to do and you will protect your domain name in the long run.

Why should you do it yourself?

It's all about ownership.

Some web designers will register your domain business domain name for you but put it in their own name, not yours - which means you basically don't own it.

This can cause problems for you in the future.

I'll explain...

  • why ownership of your own domain name matters,
  • what happened to some small business owners who didn't own their own domain name, and
  • where you can register your own business domain name now.
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It Matters Who Owns Your Domain

Unfortunately, as a web designer, I have heard many sad stories of a business owners who can't get their domain names from their previous web designer or web design company.

What typically happened...

  • Their designer disappeared one day or went out of business.
  • They lost contact with the person who registered the name. 
  • They had to cut ties with the web designer on bad terms and the designer is now holding the domain name hostage.

What eventually happens in those cases where the domain name wasn't registered in the business owners name?

The business owner typically has to start over building their website from square one.

And a lot of times they have to settle for a new domain name that's not as good as the first one.

Save yourself the headache of having to start over. Get your domain name on your own.

Where Can You Easily Buy A Business Domain Name?

A great place to purchase a domain name is Namecheap.com. Their prices are reasonable.

Plus, they include domain privacy for free.

That addon feature is a must in my opinion. Normally, you have to purchase this separately but the include it with the domain.

If Someone Has Already
Registered Your Domain Name For You...

You should check that it's registered in your name and not delay. Find out who owns a domain name by going to ICANN's WHOIS lookup.

While you are still on good terms with the company or person that registered the name, here's what you should do...

  1. Ask to have it put in your name while you are still on good terms with the company or person. Also, have it set so that the domain renews on your credit card, not theirs.

Hopefully, you will be given ownership of the name before its too late.

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