How To Attract & Convert Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

The energy and time you're put into gaining website visitors and increasing your traffic is all for nothing if you aren't converting them into customers. What should you do to make your visitors want to work with you?

Let's talk about 3 strategies to successfully attract and convert your website visitors into paying clients.

I’ll also share how you can do it on your own website. Let’s jump into it!

3 Keys To Converting Web Visitors

Be Authentic & Build Trust. 

Establishing a relationship with your reader and building trust is an integral part of conversion process.

When your words sound genuine, personable, and authentic, your reader is more likely to trust you.

How can you do this?

For professional consultants or coaches, it’s best for you to write as you would normally speak when talking directly to a client. This means you would speak from the singular perspective of “I” and “me” instead of from the plural “We” and “Us”.

That’s because you want to give them the right idea of who they are working with… you as an individual and not a team of people.

For small businesses, you still want to make your site personable.

Write your words as if you are speaking to one client and not a large audience. This means you would use the word “you” to speak to your reader as opposed to blanket statements meant to address groups of people in third-person form.

When you speak directly to your singular reader, you create a personal relationship with each person that visits your website.

Make Clear Calls To Action With Benefits.

Calls to action are an important part of the conversion process – conversion from an interested reader to a paying client. Do you want them to call, book an appointment, sign-up, email you, or something else?

On every page, you must clearly state what your reader should do next and how taking that action benefits them.

Always answer that prime question in your reader’s mind which is “what’s in it for me?”

Your reader has to see value in your call to action to be motivated to act on the offer.

Center Your Design Around Your Customer.

We all know the look is one of the most important keys to a good website design. But, did you know that it matters who your design appeals to?

Remember, good design is subjective to the viewer. Your viewer is your target market, or in other words, your idea of the perfect customer.

Your goal is to design a website that looks good according to eye of your target market – not yourself, family, or friends.

When it comes to the look and feel of your site, there are basic design elements that you must be carefully customize to suit the likes of your client.

And that’s why hiring a professional web designer like me comes in handy. We as professionals are trained to design websites to appeal to specific target markets. The key is you knowing exactly who is your ideal customer so we can create a good design for you.

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