Whose Opinion Matters Most When Designing Your Business Website?

Have you ever asked your close friends or family members to critique your website design? If so, you aren’t alone.

It’s understandable for you to want a second opinion about your website, because ultimately you want to know whether your design looks good.

Yet, sometimes what ends up happening is that you get conflicting opinions. That’s where your problem begins, because you risk being swayed in the wrong direction.

For example, one friend may say, “I love your color scheme. It’s so calming.” But then the other friend says, “Blue is sad looking. You should use something that pops more.”

When you get two or more conflicting opinions, whose opinion should you trust? Or, should you go by only your opinion?

This article is for you if you are stuck between two opinions or are about to ask for feedback on your website. I will explain how to decipher who you should really listen to and why.

What’s Considered A Good Web Design?

As I’ve mentioned before in another article, there’s not one design in particular that works for every business.

That’s because good website designs come in all styles and colors. And it all rests in the eye of the beholder.

It’s a known fact among designers that certain colors, fonts and layouts appeal to some consumers more than others and vice versa.

So, you as a business owner should focus on creating a website that appeals to the eyes of one particular group and that is… your ideal customer or in other words your target market.

You shouldn’t necessarily try to appeal to the masses because not everyone is your ideal client.

Therefore, when you ask anyone for their opinion about your design, they should be in your target market – otherwise their opinion may sway you in the wrong direction.

Create A Website Design That Visually Appeals To Your Target Market

Yes, the opinion that matters the most is that of your target market. They are the ones that ultimately put the dollars in your pocket.

So choose colors, fonts, layouts that will appeal to the age group, income level, interests, etc… of your ideal customer.

But you may be wondering, “Does that mean I have to hate my own website design just to appeal to my customer?”

Not at all. There’s room for balance.

A good design for your business will:

  • Mainly appeal to your target market, AND
  • Stay true to your brand’s style and add some of your personal taste

Remember, you and your competitors are trying to appeal to the same market, so it’s likely that you will use similar design styles in order to appeal to the same group. But what makes your site unique from your competitor’s website is how you incorporate your own brand’s style and your personal taste into your web design.

So, there is some room for your own style and there are some visual parts of a website design that allow you some flexibility to make a style of your own.

In Conclusion...

Whose opinion should matter the most to you?

A) Yourself
B) Your target market or ideal customer
C) Your closest friends and family

The answer is “B” because as a website owner you are aiming to attract your ideal customer – a.k.a. your target market.

If possible, try to get honest feedback from just a few of your current clients that are your ideal customer. Because if they like the site, it’s likely that prospective clients like them will be attracted to you too.

But remember, your website’s design is just one part of four elements that make an overall good website. So be mindful of looking at the entire picture.

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