Switching to Plastic Business Cards?

Things Small Business Owners Should Know

Getting plastic business cards is definitely a surefire way to pop out of the ordinary mold. But there are a lot of things to consider before the switch.

Here I'll discuss a few concerns small business owners have about plastic cards like:

  • How much they cost?
  • Are they right for your particular business?
  • Where to buy them?

The Cost of Plastic Cards

Yes, it's true that if you are considering printing plastic business cards they are a little more expensive than the traditional paper card; but for some small businesses it's totally worth it.

Why so?

Because there's a "coolness" about plastic cards that tends to make people hold on to the card longer. If it does that for you, it may not hurt to invest a little more into your business cards.

The average price per card can be around $0.40 - $0.80 compared to paper at $0.05 - $0.25. But of course your price will vary depending on the printing company, what options you choose, the quality, and the quantity.

Are They Right For Your Business?

Plastic cards are not meant for any kind of business. That's because certain industries are better suited for certain styles more than others.

For example, a new, rapidly growing technology business would benefit more from a plastic business card compared to a homestyle family owned restaurant. On the other hand, the restaurant —with a traditional feel— would benefit more from a classic paper and ink business card. You know what I mean?

Industries that are cutting-edge, creative, progressive and innovative like:

So before you make a big investment towards your business, consider your individual small business marketing needs to see if they are right for you.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are they appropriate for my type of business?
  • Will the cards go along with the rest of my marketing materials and business image?

    Technology, design, architecture, and art ...all tend to go for a non traditional card such as a plastic card to stand out and express themselves.
  • Do my competitors and/or others in my industry tend to have plastic cards?
  • Will these cards appeal to or impress my target market?

Where Can You Buy Plastic Business Cards?

There are various types of plastic cards you can get like — standard white, frosted, transparent or clear business cards. Your options will all depend on who you choose to print your business cards.

But here are a few companies you can check out to get you started:

  • Printing For Less (www.printingforless.com)
  • Nexcards (www.nexcards.com)

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