Make Your Own Brochure:
5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

You can make your own brochure shine by avoiding these 5 common mistakes. Follow these basic tips and it will pay off.

When planning/designing your brochure avoid...

  • Overselling.
    To get someone interested in reading your brochure immediately, start by focusing on the problem they have, that you can solve. Because the only thing the reader wants to know is "What's in it for me?" Then show how you can solve that problem and how you and your solution is better compared to other businesses like you.

  • Stuffing the brochure with too much unnecessary information.
    It's simple. To keep the reader interested, do not put any information in the brochure that doesn't pertain to your main topic or purpose.

  • Forgetting a call to action.
    "Call today. Hurry! Limited time offer. Request a free consultation." Those are all call to actions that motivate the reader to act upon what they read.

  • Using words that are too hard to read or understand.
    By using words that are easy to understand it A) makes your business seem down to earth or personable, B) shows that your are easy to work with, and C) keeps the reader interested, not frustrated.

  • Having more than one main focus or purpose for the brochure.
    When you make your own brochure, have one purpose for it. That way your message will be even more powerful because it's focused on one idea and not divided in many directions.

    For example, you may need to create one brochure to talk only about your company and its history, quality, etc. and another brochure to talk about a specific product and each ingredient's benefit. If both of the topics are combined into one brochure, you may not be able to bring out everything necessary about your product that may sell it better because the 'About Us' section takes valuable space.

    You may find out that you need to make more than one brochure to expound on a topic so that you won't overload the reader in one sitting.

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