Color Theory Basics

For you to design using color, you need to first know color theory basics. Though it is not necessary for a design to be complete, effective designs usually involve color to help communicate the message you want to get across.

Color theory is linked with color psychology which involves the meanings, cultural associations, symbols, emotions, and physical effects of color. You may not be aware that color can affect a person's pulse and subconsciously send a subliminal message. So choosing the right colors for a business scheme is very important.

"Because color is an important part of our life and an important communication tool, color in a design can sometimes be as important as the words on the page."

Applying Color Theory to Design

When placing that first splash of color onto your design, know that this color is informing the viewer connotations about your character, type of business, and services or products.

If you are designing your own materials and picking the colors, make sure that you have a good understanding of color meanings both the positives and the negatives. Know that not every meaning will apply to your industry.

Base your colors on the audience your business is trying to reach.

If you are not confident with choosing colors or unsure about what colors are best to use, then the next best idea would be to contact a graphic designer like myself who is very experienced with colors.

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