Website VS. Facebook Page - Which Is More Important To Have?

Every small business owner knows that having a web presence is important.

Yet, when I ask “Do you have a presence online?” 

Many often reply, “Yes, I have a Facebook page.”

Is having just a Facebook page enough? No,... not exactly.

Don't get me wrong, when I say that a Facebook page is not enough. You do need a Facebook page BUT ALSO a website.

A real web presence consists of both a website and social media. So there isn't really an issue of which is better, a website vs. a Facebook page. In actuality...

“You need BOTH in order to have a strong and stable web presence.”

Here's 3 Good Reasons Why A Website Is Better In A Website VS Facebook Page Comparison...

1.  Facebook business pages have been taken down even though the business may have thousands of fans.

Why does this happen?

  • Some page owners unknowingly violate Facebook's Terms of Use.
  • Someone could red flag or complain about your page and it's taken down until the investigation is completed.

Having a website vs a Facebook page in this case allows you to continue promoting your business online and still keep an open means of communication and information flowing to your current/potential customers.

2.  From time to time Facebook has outages, which means that their website including your page you will be inaccessible.

Actually, the day before I wrote this page Facebook experienced a short outage. So this problem is a reality.

Can this also happen to your own website? True, your web server also has the possibility of going down for a while. But this also makes my point more valid about having both a website AND Facebook page.

If Facebook's site was to have an outage, you would have your own business website to fall back on as a source of information for customers, and vice versa.

Either way, as the saying goes...

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

3.  When Facebook changes its policies, its design and how it wants to display content, you will have to change with them whether you like it or not.

When did this recently happen?

  • Do you remember back in March of 2012, all business pages were converted to the new Timeline? This change affected how we now advertise and communicate with fans on our page.
  • There have been several changes to the algorithm with affects whether or not your fans/likes will even see you on their news feed.

Lastly, with a website — where you are the outright owner — you can make the website look any way you want it to, and control how and when you communicate with customers. Hence, you hold all the power.

So if you don't have both a website and Facebook Page, I encourage you to do so.

Because there are great benefits to having both work together for your business!

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