Vista Print Business Cards:
Are They Worth Buying?

If you've been watching TV lately, you've probably seen the Vista Print business cards ad. They are well advertised that it's now a household name.

But you are probably wondering...

Are they really worth buying? What's the quality like?

Well, here's a fun fact... did you know my first business cards were printed through Vista Print?

Yes, I used Vista Print when I first started my business. And several of my family members have used them too.

I will give you my opinion based on my experience using them.

The Pros and Cons of
Vista Print Business Cards


  • Their ready made templates are easy to use and available online to customize and edit. The templates are also organized by style, and industry making it convenient for those who need a design in a hurry.

  • They offer several paper options and finishes.

  • You can take your own design, upload it to the web site and use Vista's printing services. This is the option I used.

  • The prices are affordable and they offer many discounts and free items through email quite often.


  • Because the templates are free for everyone to use, be aware that the same design could be used by other businesses in your local area, possibly your competitor. I've actually seen it happen.

  • Uploading your file can get complicated and if you are not familiar with preparing a file properly for print you can risk paying for a quantity of cards that can't be used.

What About the Print Quality?

Overall, I would give them a 8/10. The print quality is good and the paper stock I used was durable.

When I ordered cards for myself, I opted for a thicker stock paper with a glossy finish and I was pleased with the results.

Only once have I been disappointed with a business card order. It was an order for a client and the printing came out blotchy. But they made up for it.

So, overall I've been pleased with the company.

Vista Print is a good option if you are starting a new business or want an inexpensive card that doesn't sacrifice too much of the quality.

Since I've used them last they have continued to up their game by offering various card stocks and finishes. 

If you would like to see their quality for yourself, they have a free business card sample kit you can have mailed to you before you make a purchase.

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