It's great if you are ready to start doing Social Network Marketing on Twitter. Just like any marketing strategy you embark on, there are right ways to go about it and wrong.

To make sure that you get your social marketing plan off to a good start, follow these simple rules and etiquette tips.

Questions To Think About Before Creating An Account

  • From what angle you will be writing your tweets? Will your tweets be directly from you, several of your employees, or the company as a whole?

  • What type of crowd are you looking to attract to your account? Will it be potential clients, current clients, and/or fellow professionals/peers?

  • Who will be controlling the account? Will they be able to monitor the account regularly to receive the full benefits from Twitter marketing and networking?

  • What topic will the account focus on and the tweets be about? Will you be tweeting about company coupons, industry news and updates, company events, etc.?

Getting Started

  • Pick a unique username that describes and/or brands your business. It could include your business name or what you will be tweeting about. For example, @yoursmallbizpro is my business username and basically it lets you know that it is something about small businesses. My other account @thedesigner4you is about graphic design and small business marketing.

  • Customize your page to attract followers. Add a photo and unique background that reflects your business. Most people are turned off by accounts that have no customization but claim to be a viable business. Because you are communicating online, you must convince other tweeters that you are not a fly-by-night business.

  • Write a short and concise description. You can talk about: What you do, your specialties, something unique about your business, the subject of your tweets, or your purpose is on Twitter. In social network marketing, this is like your selling line.

  • Join Twibes. You can go to and join Twibes and lists under various categories. I recommend doing this because (1) It is a way to get listed so as to add clout to your account and, (2) it helps you find tweeters of interest to you because they are categorized.

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