Local E-Commerce Grants Are Available

BEFORE you start designing a website, check into whether there are any local E-Commerce Grants available near you. Why?

Because no matter if you're getting a new website, redesigning your old one, or marketing your business online... a grant program can save you a great amount of money.

That's the great thing about grants! It's free money you can use towards your business that doesn't have to be paid back.

Here where I am, in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, just about every city/county offers a grant geared to assisting small businesses with their online marketing from time to time.

Local E-Commerce Grants in the
Hampton Roads Area

These cities/counties in the Hampton Roads area have been known to offer an E-Commerce Grant from time to time. If the grant is not currently offered in your city.

Check their site later in the year because they tend to reopen the programs and add more funding.



*Denotes program is currently unavailable, but the city has made a grant available in the past.

Don't see your area listed above? Or don't live in this local area? That doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have one in your area.

Try searching keywords like e-commerce grant, web design grants, or small business website grants followed by the name of your city or county, to see if there's a grant in your area.

Why Are Cities Offering These Grants?

When a business prospers... so does the city and economy around it.

Well, in order for a business to prosper these days, it needs to diversify its marketing on the internet. But, we all know that it can be costly to get a website done the right way.

Knowing this, local governments across America are extending a hand to assist small businesses to, in turn, boost the economy overall.

By means of a grant, local governments can help small business owners like you take that big step onto the internet.

What Can You Do With the Grant?

Every grant program will vary, but most E-Commerce grants allow you to use the funds to build up a web presence for your business.

Some grants support services like:

  • web consultations, 
  • website design, 
  • social media customization, 
  • shopping carts, SEO, and 
  • online marketing such as email marketing and ad campaigns.

All services are usually done by a pre-approved or certified service provider who you get to choose.

Take the Next Steps

It's well worth your time to find out whether there are any local E-Commerce Grants in your area. From what I've seen, the application process is not gruesome and for the return you get free money to advance your business online.

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