Cheap, Quick & Glam Lashes Logo Design - Where To Find Them

Being part of the beauty industry means, your lashes logo design must be on point. So your logo design needs to be glam and gorgeous!

Where can you find those types of designs?

You can choose either a logo designer, or logo design company.

If you've done some research already, you will see that logo designs vary in price. Some logos are as cheap as $5 and some are in the hundreds as high as $500+.

What's the difference in the price? It boils down to the uniqueness and professionalism of the design.

  • The $100-$500+ price range is for you if... you're looking for a lashes logo that's highly customized and unique so you can eventually make a growing brand out of it and maybe trademark it. In this case, you should look at hiring an independent graphic designer or a logo design company. They typically do a consultation/questionnaire and give you a unique design. This is why those logos can cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • The $5-$100 price range is for you if... you're starting a lashes business as a side gig and don't want to sink a lot of money into a logo. But you still want a design that's semi-custom to you. In this case, a logo designer on a gig site may be more of what you are looking for. They typically use stock images or templated designs and then customize it with your business name and colors. This is why they are able to make cheap and fast logo designs.

The recommendations below are for you if you fit the second category for a quick, pretty and cheap logo design. I highly recommend searching for a designer on and am an affiliate of theirs.

Not only have I recommended Fiverr to clients in the past (since I no longer do logo designs), I've also recommended it to may family members in the past who wanted a logo for their own side gig.

Here's My Niece's Experience Using Fiverr

In 2020, my niece started a side hustle and needed a lashes logo design. She sent me a photo of a logo she liked. It was glittery, gold and was a graphic depiction of two eyes with glamourous makeup and eye lashes.

So I told her about Fiverr since this would best fit her needs, timeline and budget. I hand-picked a few designers for her that I thought would do a great job based on their portfolio and reviews and sent her a list of 3 designers.

She picked her favorite designer out of the group, purchased her preferred package along with the vector file and waited for the design to come back.

Read my other article to learn why you should purchase the vector file when you get a logo design.

Within 1 day, she had her logo files and was off to get labels. She was happy with her lashes logo design!

If you are interested in using the same gig designer my niece used for her lashes logo, I've linked to the designer in the box below.

Other Lashes Logo Designers On Fiverr To Consider

Here are a few other eyelash logo designers on Fiverr. Choose the right one for you based on their:

  • portfolio (scroll through the samples to see if they have samples similar to the look you want)
  • quality and quantity of their reviews
  • turnaround time
  • price and your budget

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