How To Make Business Cards
That Are Multipurpose

Have you ever seen a business card that is multipurpose? Well, I will give you ideas and tips on how to make business cards that are useful and unique.

Multipurpose cards are a great way to create a unique business card that your client will keep. Who wouldn't want a useful pocket size reference tool!

A multipurpose card is A) used as a business card and B) useful as a reference tool or physical tool. Usually they are 2 sided business cards, oversized or foldable to fit more information.

For example, a commercial printer might want to put a short list on the back of their business card of common terms used in the print industry to help the customer be able to communicate better what they want. (Not many people know what a bleed and gutter is in printer's terms.)

Why Should You Choose to Have a Multipurpose Business Card?

  • It is a way to make your business card unique. (A unique business card is always a keeper.)
  • The client is more likely to keep your business card because it can be used for something else.
  • It builds confidence in your customers. By having useful information on your card your customer will feel that you care about helping them individually and answering their questions. You will also appear to be resourceful and trustworthy.

Ideas on How to Make a Business Card That's Multipurpose

The following list are things that you can easily print on the back of a business card that people may find useful depending on your type of business industry.

  • Offer a discount, coupon, or loyalty program every time the card is shown.
  • Display the full year calendar.
  • Add a helpful appointment reminder. (See example image)
  • Add lines for extra space to take notes.
  • Provide useful information about terms often used in your type of business that they need to know.
  • Display a map with directions to your location.

These images below are ways you can take multipurpose business cards to the next level by transforming the card entirely.

In conclusion, as you can see there are two main ways you can make your business cards multipurpose.

You can either add useful information that the client will need or want to keep. Or, you can make them out of different materials and turn them into physically useful tools.

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