Where to Find Eco-Friendly
and Green Business Cards

Are you going green or running a green business?

Then you may want green business cards that are safe for the environment.

The more people started to become conscious of their environment the more online printers saw the need to make paper products that were safe for the environment.

Well, if you are getting some there are two places, I would recommend, where you can get green business cards online.

But first consider what qualifies business cards to be "green." Usually eco friendly business cards consists of one or more of the things below.

  • Made of recycled paper (30%-100%),
  • Printed with soy-based or vegetable ink,
  • Chemical free paper,
  • Natural paper stocks (ex: leaf),

Find Eco Friendly Cards at Pixxlz

My online printer recommendation would be Pixxlz.com. Though I have not yet personally ordered cards from them, I have seen samples of their work and it's pretty good quality.

The one thing I have to bring up is that usually when people think of the phrase "going green" they sometimes think you have to give up something order to do so. Well, at Pixxlz you don't.

You can still have the great printing quality as other printers and still get creative business cards.

You can order square business cards and even mini business cards at very affordable prices.

Now, I could go on and on about them so to save time I can say these three things about them that I like.

  • They use recycled paper, soy-based ink, and VOC-Free Toner.
  • You can get business cards free or for very low prices. (I mean super LOW!)
  • You don't have to sacrifice. You can have creative business cards and be green. They offer square and mini business cards.

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