Hiring A Graphic Designer For Your Small Business

Do you need a graphic designer to create your promotional materials? If you are looking to hire one, what should you be looking for? Not all are equal in their abilities. Some specialize and some don't. So who should you choose?

The Type Of Designer You
Don't Want To Hire

Some designers will take work from anybody and will attempt to design anything. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with this. It's just that, if you are in need of special consideration for your project, they don't have the insight you need.

These designers tend to want you to come up with your own design and wording and they will place it on paper. Or they tend to give you the same "old cookie cutter looks."

They really don't have time to come up with something original because they are doing projects not just for businesses, but also for churches, schools, clubs, etc.

When you are spread too thin... you don't have time to be creative. You concentrate on getting the project in and out.

The Type of Designer You Want to Hire

It's the total opposite of the type of designer mentioned above.

When choosing a designer, find one that

  • has a specialty or niche
  • has a nice selection of up-to-date and modern designs in their portfolio
  • contacts you in a timely manner (this most likely means that they will be easy to get in touch with through the duration of your project)
  • is detail oriented and asks questions about your project (this indicates that they will do thorough work)

Most importantly, you should want a designer that specializes in exactly what you need.

For example, if you need a brochure designed, you wouldn't necessarily go to an animator. No, you would go to someone more familiar with print design and desktop publishing.

Look for a Small Business Marketing Graphic Designer

This is the small business marketing specialist who works predominately with small business owners by designing their print media and/or web site. They are familiar with the problems small business owners have when it comes to promoting their businesses.

They're willing to consult with the owner to find out their objectives, helping them with branding and making sure their marketing materials convey the right message.

Hiring a designer whose niche is small business marketing will be your most valuable business partner because he/she:

  • Is familiar with the marketing needs of small businesses
  • Will focus on your specific marketing needs
  • Will make sure all your marketing materials work together

So if you are a small business owner looking for a graphic or web designer, who are you going to call?

"A designer who specializes in small business marketing!"

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