A Free Business Card Maker Online

Businesscardland is a free business card maker that offers an online business card generator and also provides free templates. No software is needed and the online creator is simple and easy.

I would recommend because of these reasons below. They...

  • Let you choose different color text, and backgrounds.
  • Have a downloadable selection of pre-press ready free business card templates in Ai and PSD form.
  • Provide templates that have bleeds and no-bleeds. (A card that has bleeds has ink that prints all the way to the edge.)
  • Let choose from templates that can be easily saved as a PDF and printed using your own printer or taken to a commercial printer, or copy shop.
  • Offer design advice to further help with the business card maker.

The only thing that you will not be able to do on this site, that you could do on others, would be to download your own logo or pictures to the card creator.

On the other hand, since you can download blank Illustrator and Photoshop files to custom make business cards I overlook the missing feature.

Because of that this card creator is a thumbs up!

Remember: Always use your discretion and when using and downloading content from any website.

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