A Type of Unique Business Cards:
Fold Over Business Cards

Fold over business cards, also known as folded or foldable business cards, are a rare style to come across and that's a good thing, because as a business owner if you are looking for a unique card you may want to consider foldable business cards.

There are three standard ways foldable business cards can be made.

There are those that fold in half, those that fold a quarter of the way to the edge, and those that are tri–fold.

But these days you are not limited to just the standard folds because technology is rapidly improving and becoming more affordable for the public.

Below is an example of what a foldable card looks like.

A foldable business card

Reasons Why You May Want To Get Fold Over Business Cards

Here's a few:

  • You can fit more information on it if necessary.
  • The second half could be used as a coupon or customer incentive offer.
  • They attract attention and if designed right can enhance your message.
  • You can make it into a multi–user card. (This is where more than one person can share the card. For example the owner and manager can be inside the card. This can work in some but not all cases.)

Where To Get Them Printed

You can find folded business cards online at PSPrint.com or UPrinting.com.

If you are a first time customer of PsPrint you can use this offer code AFALL to recieve 25% OFF your first order.

And if you need them designed, you can get them trough me by contacting me via the Services Request Form.

Examples for Inspiration

You can find more impressive examples of folded business cards on my Pinterest Board Unique Business Cards. But take a look below at a few of my favorites.

I like how this folded business card has an optical illusion as if the bowl is sitting on the table.


The designer of this business card intended for it look like a laptop which is a very smart idea for a computer repair company.


This business card is die-cut as well as foldable. The flower die-cut also functions as a functional way to close the foldable flaps.


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