5 Facebook Marketing Do's and Don'ts

These 5 Facebook marketing tips are sure to help you manage your business page better.

Basically, when I compiled this list of do's and don'ts I thought about the top 3 things I see business owners not doing and the top 3 things business owners should be doing.

Some of these I really wish I knew before starting my own page, so that is why I am sharing these tips with you.

The Do's of Facebook Marketing

  • Engage Your Fans - Treat your Facebook page just like any real relationship or conversation in the real world. For instance, when you meet someone new, don't you keep the conversation going by asking them questions and telling a little about yourself. That's how it goes in the real world, so do the same on your business page's wall!

    Engage your new and current fans by asking questions, replying to comments/questions made by fans, and regularly post fun and interesting articles, news, and tips. Fans love that stuff!

  • Customize Your Fan Page - As a business, it's important to create some brand/familiarity from place to place. In other words, you want to have the same look and feel when it comes to your Facebook page. The customer should have no question as to whether they're visiting your page or not. Make your page look similar to your website, and other promotional materials like your business cards.

    Need suggestions as to how to create a custom Facebook fan page? There are three ways you can customized your profile: 1) create a customized profile picture, 2) add your products or other business pictures to the banner/filmstrip at the top of the page, and 3) create custom a welcome tab.

  • Give Something Away - Everyone loves an occasional freebie. When it comes to Facebook marketing, giveaways have worked for many big and small companies on Facebook to reach out to their targeted market.

    I have even hosted giveaways in the past for things like business cards, postcards, etc. that were of value to my followers and it has worked out well. So try giving away something relative to your niche that is of value to your fans.

    Yet, you don't have to give away something extravagant like an iPad... although that would catch people attention! In actuality, what you give away doesn't even have to be something tangible, it can be valuable/helpful information that you share via an e-book or by means of exclusive content from you they can't get anywhere else.

The Don'ts of Facebook Marketing

  • Ignore Your Fans - My rule of thumb... treat your fans the way you would like to be treated. Yes, the rule is simple, but powerful! People just want to be heard.

    How would you like to be treated when you have a pressing question, or urgent concern? Wouldn't you liked to be acknowledged or answered back? When someone makes a comment on your page acknowledge them and reply back promptly.

  • ONLY Share Information About Yourself or Your Business - Is your Facebook wall screaming Me, Me, Me? This is the kicker when it comes to Facebook marketing.

    Actually concerning marketing in general, you always want to make the message about the customer. But wait, don't get me wrong. There's no problem sharing info on your wall about you and your business every once in a while — but the problem is when you are the only subject on your wall.

    Hard selling tends to make potential clients run away because they know when they are being "pitched to." Your goal when using Facebook is to advertise your company, subtly sell to potential clients and stay connected with your current ones.

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