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New Year, New Small Business Marketing Strategy


Because of the new year, you are probably reflecting on how well you did this past year, right? Well, how did your small business marketing strategy work?

If you did well last year, congratulations! If you feel you could have done better that's okay. I think that no matter what point your business is at there are always areas of growth and/or improvement. And no matter what the state of your business was last year, once again it is time to set a new list of goals and start fresh.

"The beginning of a new year is always the most ideal time to start a new marketing strategy yet it is never too late in the year to shift the direction of your business for the better."

Where do you stand now?

Reflect on the goals you made last year and different aspects of your business marketing plan. Why? Because you can't move forward until you reflect on the past. So think about last year and consider these questions along with some of your own.

  • - What goals did you meet that you set last year?
  • - Are you getting the type of customers/clients you want?
  • - What about the amount of work or sales?
  • - How much profit did you make last year?

So now that you've briefly evaluated yourself, what changes can you make? For most small businesses the problem lies within their small business marketing strategy.

Where do you want to be a year from now?

If you are one of those businesses that needs to revamp their small business marketing strategy there are several things you can do yourself to turn things around. But, you can't simply make goals and make no changes. You have take small steps and changes toward your goal.

Let's say that your goal is to generate x amount of more sales. Well you can't just sit there and wait for calls to start rolling in. These are some small business marketing strategies that could help reach this goal.

- Plan1: Send monthly postcards, flyers, and/or newsletters targeted areas at business districts with an offer, along with making cold calls.

- Plan 2: Redo website to create more traffic from local areas and make a passive income, make social network profiles, add SEO tools and techniques, write diverse and high keyword pages, build links, and submit site to directories, etc.

- Plan 3: Focus on keeping current customer happy and make them a loyal, returning customer by being personable and easy to contact; create loyalty cards, gift certificates, giveaways (pens, calendars, bumper stickers, etc.) with branding and contact information. Send personal thank you notes and special offers occasionally.

Reach Your Goals

This is where I can assist you! I can help you reach your goals. I specialize in helping small business owners transform their marketing materials.

One of your top priorities this year should be to get a website, there's no excuse. And if you have one, is it really working for you or instead are you working to keep it?

A website that works will not only be there for you to send your potential customers to for more information, but also be a way to pull in potential customers from search engines (without necessarily having to pay for clicks).

If your interested in a website that works for you, check out my affordable website design package. I build websites that are specially made for your business and work for you. I use SEO techniques that get your website found through search engines. If you've ever wondered why your website isn't getting found, why no contact me for a free consultation.

The second most important marketing material you need to have this year is a well-designed business card. Not just a business card... but a well-designed business card. A great business card can be very handy. You need a card that represents you well and gives a great impression.

If you are interested in using my help check out my current small business marketing deals that will help you start the year off right.

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