Hampton E-Commerce Grant Program
Should You Apply?

Have you heard about the Hampton E-Commerce Grant Program? Should you care? Oh, YES!

If you're thinking about marketing your business online, getting a new website, improving your old one, the grant program can save you money... between 50%-60%.

We all know that an effective and potentially profitable website is not cheap yet it doesn't mean that it has to be expensive. That's where the grant program can assist you.

The Hampton E-Commerce Grant Program is intended to help small businesses located in the City of Hampton, Virginia with Electronic Commerce technology... in other words website design and development, online marketing, shopping carts, etc.

What Can You Do With the Grant?

With the E-Commerce grant you can build a new website or revamp your small business website including the following services:

  • Consultation Services – information technology strategic planning, ecommerce needs and marketing assessments, domain name registration assistance, hosting service needs assessments, website analytics, and website security assessments and testing tools.

  • Web Design and Development Services – custom website design, information architecture and graphic user interface planning, database driven website design and development, content management solutions, usability testing, advanced scripting and programming, custom database development, collaboration and social networking (Web 2.0), website accessibility analysis, and maintenance contracts.

  • E-Commerce Services – Shopping carts, donation and membership systems, and online security assessments and testing tools.

  • Internet Marketing Services – Email marketing, mobile apps, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, eNewsletters, blogs, RSS, Wikis.

  • Other e-commerce innovations as approved at the discretion of the Hampton E-Commerce Grant Administrator.

Who's Eligible?

The applicant must be a for-profit small business or minority/women owned business licenced and located within the City of Hampton, Virginia.


  • Applicants must use preapproved Hampton Certified E-Commerce Grant Service Providers. ** I am currently a Hampton Certified Service Provider.
  • For all projects the Applicant must get two quotes from two separate Hampton Certified Service Providers for the work it wants done. The applicant selects the Provider regardless of price for the work it wants performed.
  • Projects must be legal, ethical, commercially viable, and must not contain any adult only material.
  • Projects started before approval of a grant application cannot be awarded.
  • Grants can only be used for the creation or enhancement of e-commerce sites and cannot be used for domain registration, web hosting, general maintenance services, or annual subscriptions.

Grant Amounts

Non-Minority Owned Businesses
Grants to non-minority owned businesses save 50% of the total project cost, up to a maximum of $10,000, once every three years.

Minority Owned Businesses
Grants to non-minority owned businesses save 60% of the total project cost up to a maximum of $10,000, once every three years.

How to Apply

Do you want to take advantage of the grant? To apply or learn more about the Hampton E-Commerce Grant Program visit www.hampton.gov/ed/business/e_commerce_grant.html.

Would you like to use me to design your website through the grant? Contact me at (757) 218-4053 or email me using the contact me form.

If you're not a small business in the City of Hampton, that doesn't necessarily mean you don't qualify for a grant. Try searching to see if you have local E-Commerce Grants near you.

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