Twitter Marketing 101: Why Small Businesses Should Have a Twitter Account

Have you noticed how popular Twitter has become lately? Twitter marketing is one avenue big and small businesses are coming around to. Why? Because not only is Twitter a way for individuals to connect with each other but also for businesses.

You may wonder, why should I as a small business owner need to get into social media? Well, the fact is that small businesses need to market themselves in print and on the web. So, tapping into social media marketing would not be a bad idea.

Here are some excellent reasons why you should use Twitter for your business.

It's Free!

It does not cost you a penny to create a profile and start tweeting. Think about it. How often are you offered a web presence for free so that you can network with others in your industry and connect with potential customers? Twitter marketing is basically free!

Establish A Brand

On Twitter you can define your business and build a brand. Just tweet about you and your business. Some have used it as a way to show the personable side of their business and talk about customer experiences. You can also create custom backgrounds that match your other marketing materials to make your business more recognizable.

Make Extra Money

Yes, you can even make money on Twitter. There are companies out there wanting to promote themselves and need advertisement. So how is it done?

All you have to do is sign up for a free account with companies like Sponsored Tweets or (These are referral links to each site where you can sign up and learn more about Sponsored Tweets and Also you can see my personal account @thedesigner4you) and wait for advertisers to approach you with an offer. If you accept the offer, write the tweet, wait for the company to approve it and then it will automatically be tweeted. You are paid by the amount you set.

Reach Future/Prospective Customers

Use Twitter marketing to reach those online who you otherwise would not be able to contact through print. Some of the best marketing a small business can have is through word of mouth. Most people value a testimonial or opinion from a friend. Twitter is one of the top social media sites for spreading information. There you have the ability to put your name out there and get people talking about you.

Network and Build Friendships

There are so many businesses and professionals now on Twitter. Because of that, you are able to even find opportunities that may not be found elsewhere. You may be able to find vendors, suppliers, agencies, and fellow professionals in your field. These relationship can be built up and then down the road bring leads, jobs and/or customers.

Not only can you connect with others in your profession you can link with locals. Websites like Twellow allow you to find local tweeters. Who knows what doors Twitter marketing can open? The possibilities can go on and on.

Create Buzz

Suppose you have a promotion or event coming up? Use Twitter marketing to create a buzz and attract individuals and/or businesses. Have your connections on Twitter to spread the word and mention it to their followers.

Websites like Twellow, TwellowHood, and LocalTweeps help you find tweeters in your area. On LocalTweeps you can even promote and event on their site.

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